Welcome to Laird’s Home Page


I developed this website for fun and to give me a platform to share my travel photos with friends!  2017 has been a wonderful year - Salt Spring Island with my brother Duart and wife, Jill; another Girly trip to Ireland & Scotland in June and I just back from Fogo Island, Newfoundland with Bob Ramsay and his amazing friends.  And lovely visits this summer to my beloved Algonquin with Nancy, Heather and Birute!

I have also included the photos taken at the Expo 67 - 50th Reunion - in late May - a fantastic gathering of friends.  Hey all ..next reunion in Africa?  Check out my photos!

Just back from Ireland and Scotland travelling with 5 wonderful ladies ..quite the Outlander Tour!  Here  are the “Sticky Ricers” in front of The Fogo Island Inn (Photo courtesy of Kate Spade)! 

Also check out www.redsunsafaris.com - the website I also do for Leslie Udwin!  xx  Laird

November, 2017